Do We Really Need Wedding Insurance?

March 2020

As a Wedding Planner, when I first talk to couples who are starting their journey, regardless of them becoming a client, deciding to go with another planner or to plan their own wedding, I strongly advise that the consideration to purchase wedding insurance should be the first step.

Wedding are, after all, expensive affairs. Following the National Wedding Survey 2018 carried out by, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is a staggering £30,355 and that amount should be insured just like you would with your car or home contents.

Due to the strict policies placed on the advice and sale of any insurance product by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), wedding planners cannot directly assist with any application or claim on their client’s behalf.

Planning your big day involves many logistics and your wedding insurance is probably the most straightforward to arrange and brings with it instant peace of mind. You will already be aware that even those events planned with military precision can go wrong and often due to circumstances beyond your control, from suppliers going into administration to the ill health of a loved one.

So, it’s decision time and if you decide that this peace of mind is for you both, you may be wondering where to start. Just like your car and home insurance, it pays dividends to shop around but the number one rule is to proceed with an accredited provider specialising in wedding insurance.

Recently, the global Coronavirus outbreak is leaving couples with weddings planned throughout 2020 with no other option but to either postpone or even cancel their big day. Some couples will not have insurance, whilst others may not have the right cover in place. So when you start your search, you must ensure that you have the right cover in place to protect your investment. Comparison tools such as Compare Wedding Insurance are a great place to start. However, I will warn you that you need to be prepared as some providers have suspended issuing new policies due to the impact of Covid-19, but keep trying, don’t give up and get insured!