Hang On A Minute!

January 2018

Up and Running

Having married in my thirties nearly eight years ago, I was used to a number of years as a singleton, in control of my career and life choices. My husband runs his own software development and training company, so it was inevitable that we would discuss how I could become involved in it, utilising the administrative and event management skills developed in my career so far. It was a simple decision as we had already made a far bigger commitment to each other.

It worked for a period of time, but even David himself noticed that I wasn't really getting the right level of fulfillment from my role. We also had to acknowledge that when business things were good, everything was good. Businesses are not always plain sailing however and during the stressful times, it was difficult to escape it being both so heavily invested in it.

So I pondered, what do I want to do with my career? As you can probably work out from the above because I'm not going to tell you, I have as much career ahead of me than is behind me. I have a lot of offer and am fortunate that I don't have any serious financial pressures given we have one business already, but that's David's business and I want something I can get my teeth into, express myself and gain the satisfaction from building up.

So one Sunday afternoon, a friend of the family was telling me of her news that she was to be married. I jumped in, sat for hours doing research, just as I did those years ago planning my own big day. Hang on a minute, this is what I want to do!

Within a matter of hours, I'm booked on to Business Practicalities and Step By Step training courses with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, the leading body in the UK wedding planning market.

Although I have worked in several roles planning and organising a variety of events, some for high profile organisations, I used the training courses as a way of researching the wedding industry itself, attending the National Wedding and National Asian Wedding Shows in London. It's fascinating and I love it. In past years, occasions would pop up whereby I would be sat in the living room watching a drama and David stuck in the study catching up on emails. It's nearly midnight and now roles are reversed somewhat!

Something else I've always enjoyed, and to be fair missed working alongside David, is the whole networking thing. Visiting venues and meeting new suppliers is great fun. I'd forgotten just how much I missed that.

There is lots to do. It's not all sipping a glass on the HMS Belfast you know!