Should I Have A Gift List?

January 2019

The Sheridan Dancing Set, available from Prezola

When my brother got married back in 1986, he and his wife never had a gift list for their wedding. I am not sure if it was because they weren't aware of one, or if they simply went along with their customs and traditions at the time, one of which was to have all the gifts displayed on the stage.

As a result, they are still using duplicate kettles, dinner sets, cutlery and several other household items! Luckily, some guests communicated at the time and they didn't end up with the same problem with the larger items such as the sofa, television, fridge freezer and hoover.

If they had used a gift list when they got married, there was a very limited choice available at the time. Department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams had a section dedicated to gift lists. The only downside that the guests are restricted to the particular store where the service is provided. This may be one of the reasons why Debenhams no longer provides their gift list service.

Times have changed since then and many couples have moved on. There was a trend for couples to state "no boxed gifts" meaning "cash only" on their wedding invitations! This was common at the majority of weddings that I attended in the past.

Nowadays, there is something new for the more modern couples of today. Prezola has become a multi-award-winning service and is the UK's only gift list where you can choose your gifts from over 500 brands from the high street, boutiques and various named brands such as Dyson and KitchenAid. You also have the ability to combine your honeymoon fund, cash gifts with no fees as well as charitable donations all on the same list. The main benefit of a gift list is that you get to decide exactly what you want and need, as well as taking away the pain for your guests in trying to guess what to buy and avoiding duplicate gifts.

As I have partnered with Prezola to offer this to my readers by clicking the link you will not only be able to view their fantastic service, I will also receive a nice little thank you when you sign up.