Giving Notice and Booking Your Registrar

February 2019

You have now reached a stage in your wedding planning where you are ready to give notice of intention to marry or form a civil partnership. This is a legal requirement and the ceremony cannot take place unless all the correct formalities in place.

Before contacting your local Register Office to book your appointment, you should have:

  • A date for your wedding.
  • Booked your venue.

You can only give notice:

  • A minimum of 28 days before your wedding.
  • A maximum of 12 months before your wedding.

If you provide notice and you do not get married within 12 months, you will have to go through the process again. I’m talking from experience. When David & I provided our notice to marry the first time, we could not make up our mind about when and where we wanted to get married. Finally, once we decided exactly what we were doing, we learned the hard way and had to book our appointment and pay the fees again because our notice expired.

You both need to give notice to the relevant Register Office. If you do not live in the same borough, you will have to go to the Register Office in the borough you reside.

Individual Register Offices have different procedures in place for booking appointments to give notice. A useful tool to find your local Register Office is available where you can find the details of your local office.

For legal reasons, as your Wedding Planner I am unable to act on your behalf for booking appointments and registrars for your ceremony. You as the couple are required to do so in person as well as provide proof of identity.

Once that you have given notice, you should book the Registrar for your ceremony. I advise all my clients to book their Registrar as soon as notice has been given, ideally 12 months in advance, especially if your wedding is timed during peak season (April to October). Imagine the nightmare of the wedding and reception all planned with no registrar to conduct the ceremony!

Giving notice is a straightforward process, but only once you understand the procedure.